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Welcome to Aminu Kano College of Islamic and Legal Studies. The college was established in the year 1981 by Law No 12 of 1981, now chapter 32 Laws of the State. Its operated under the auspices of the then College of Arts and Science situated at its temporary site at area. The College took up with two programmes, the same year it was established; Diploma in civil Law and Diploma in Shari’ah and Civil Law with two years and three years duration respectively.
The College aims to provide courses of study, training research in Legal and Islamic Studies leading to obtaining Diploma in Law and Diploma in Shari’ah and Civil Law. To provide a venue for teacher in-service courses and curriculum development.

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Civil law mostly applies to accidents, contracts, wills, properties and other matters that often include disputes, the necessity of an agreement or an affected part. Civil law is part of private law, along with

Increasing number of students at the Faculty of Law and Shari'ah may indicate range of courses includes Philosophy of Shariah, Legal Methods, Criminal Law.